The lost heir of Cannith


Following the party’s arrival at the Keep of the Divine Fist, we were shown where our rooms were. We were then conducted to the Abbott of the temple in charge of guarding the demon wastes. We were escorted to the hillside in the temple overlooking the training grounds. There, the abbott sat down and began to, apparently, meditate. Everyone gathered round and watched for a while. After a while sitting there doing nothing, Fash finally announced that he was going to go get some practice down with the rest of the monks.

Abbott says he will tell us now.
They need help as they have seen stuff about warforged pieces that are demonic
Reed was found near some such pieces

Once we learn this, we go back to our rooms to eat and Laeriel Elenvir goes to meditate.
Laeriel watches the silver flame killed and flame keep destroyed
Fash gets rather drunk while hanging out in the cafeteria on their level.
At the same time that flame keep is destroyed, a large gonging sound is heard echoing through the earth and shakes the tower.
Fash makes his way to Laeriel and is told that the flame is dead.
The two head downstairs (separately, yet at the same time) to learn that the seal under the keep is fracturing and our help is needed to help defend the keep.
Fash heads toward the wall, while Laeriel heads back upstairs to help the archers there.


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